The beginnings:

Our founder, the Late Bayya Venkata RAMANAIAH was born in Udaigiri and moved to Nellore in 1958 where he began working as an assistant in a steel shop. A few years later, he ventured out with an associate to launch a silk saree store.


Support From the next generation:

After gaining experience from the previous store and support from his elder son Bayya Srinivasulu, he launched a new store called Seetha Rama Silk Palace in 1993. Following this, he also started New Rajyalakshmi Hall - a brand new store. The younger son Bayya Venkata Ravi Kumar joined the business with the launch of this store in the year 1997.

This new store Had fixed price systems and provided the best price compared to market price which boosted confidence in customers towards our entity and now for the first time ever in Nellore the people could be confident about the pricing of the product! This completely removed the bargain system from the market and changed the way you buy silk!


Dedicated Floor Expansion: 

With the business getting more and more love and appreciation from the customers over the years, the need for a dedicated silk saree floor in the mall became apparent. So, in 2006, Bayya Venkata Ravi Kumar, the younger son, took on the mission to launch a dedicated floor for silk sarees at the New Rajyalakshmi Hall!


New Shubhamasthu Shopping Mall:

The two brothers had a vision to provide authentic South Indian fashion to as many people as possible, so they launched their first mall, Shubhamasthu Shopping Mall, in 2017. Now the mall has 5+ branches in different locations across the state!

Scaling things up!

The third Generation of the family is now ready to take charge and expand the business. The first grandson, Bayya Srinivasa Rana Pratap after completing his MBA in retail management from Delhi, India, is ready to expand the business by infusing modernity into family business and take it to much greater heights.

Our Mission :

Our mission is to be the go-to store for brides who want their wedding day to be extra special. We'll help make their dreams come true with our selection of beautiful silk wedding sarees!

Our Visions :

As a bride, you have enough on your plate, we want to take away the tension of finding the perfect saree. But now, thanks to us, you don't have to go to Kanchi or Darmvaram for your wedding saree. We want to reach every corner of Andhra Pradesh and provide each brides with their perfect dream saree for your big day. So take a deep breath and relax - we've got this covered!

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